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Unisex Adult Diapers (M.L. & X-L)

Available In -

10's Pack
5's Pack
2's Pack
Anti - Bacterial Agent Significantly Reduces Bacterial Growth
Cloth - Feel / Non Woven
Absorbent Fluff Pad With Embossed Drainage To Allow Even Distribution Of Fluid In The Absorbent Layer
Super Absorbent POLYBEADS, Super Absorbency Turns Fluids Into Gel
Soft Durable P.E. Backing - Prevents Fluid From Leaking On To Clothing Or Bed Lines
Cloth -feel / Non Woven Top Allows One - Way Passage Of Fluids In The Absorbent Layer
Neutralizing Agent Helps To Neutralize Urine To Prevent Skin Irritation
Odour Reducing Agent - Eliminates The Unpleasant Odour
Multi - Stand Leg Garter - Prevents Leakage At The Crotch Area
Two Pairs Of Adhesive Tape - Allows Multiple Fasting On The Frontal Tape
Sap M-8g=1000ml L-10g= 1200 ml XL-12g = 1400ml

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